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The courses range from two to three hours and will be taught by various internal and external instructors in different formats. Workplace Diversity Training Courses Pay For Themselves by Reducing Turnover Unless an organization creates a climate that welcomes and is hospitable to those who are in some way different from the majority group, costly turnovers will continue as new talent leaves. For registered participants, if you know in advance that you are not able to attend a class, please cancel your registration within the AC Learning enter system as far in advance as possible so that we can offer spaces to those on the wait list.  Learn more Mixing Four Generations in the Workplace – DVD Video Steaming Also Available! Bursts come in four different formats to address employees with different learning styles.  Buy-in from all levels is critical for maintaining diversity. Employees and managers gain insights, strategies and skills that help minimize cultural misunderstandings and strengthen interactions. A “no-show” is when a participant signs up for a class but fails to show up the day of the class and gives no or less than 24 hours notice of their absence.

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All.f.ur courses are accredited by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to universally accepted Continuous Professional Development CPD guidelines. They state that diversity training based on a cultural competence perspective includes awareness, attitude, knowledge and skill building. Our diversity programs go beyond your obligation under the law and illustrate how to benefit from a diverse workforce. Note: Class size is limited and spaces fill quickly. While you may have a diverse workforce, are you meeting their needs and benefiting from their experience? A “no-show” is when a participant signs up for a class but fails to show up the day of the class and gives no or less than 24 hours notice of their absence. Understanding and managing implicit and explicit biases: How uncovering hidden biases opens the door for inclusion Acceptance versus Assimilation: Move past requiring others to conform; learn how to go from tolerating to accepting and embracing diversity Beyond the Law: As you promote diversity in your workforce, go beyond what the law requires, and create a culture of inclusion The importance of a positive cultural identity: How your corporate identity translates to productivity and success Diversity: Beyond Just Getting Along After completing Workplace Answers’ diversity training, your staff and supervisors will be ready for any changes the marketplace has to offer. To learn more about bursts and how they can be used as part of a cohesive training and awareness strategy visit our  Burst Learning Page  and download our  Burst Learning User Guide . Alan Charles ors Ca professor of history at University of Pennsylvania noted, in his defence of students accused of shouting racial slurs in the water buffalo incident of 1993, that Elliott’s

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exercise teaches “blood-guilt and self-contempt to whites,” adding that “in her view, nothing has changed in America since the collapse of Reconstruction .” 12 Mercedes Martin and Dr.

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In order to survive these changes, you must equip yourself to respond to the ever-increasing presence of diversity at all levels of the workforce in a sophisticated, practical, and effective manner. This is no longer a cliché or platitude. Here are some familiar terms and the simple truth about them Diversity at work is defined as “the collective mix of differences and similarities we encounter in our workforce, workplace and marketplace.” It places the emphasis on what we do with diversity rather than getting diversity. Rodgers, CDC, MBA, is President and Principal Consultant of J.O. They may tend to blame lack of performance or low productivity on “those people” rather than take rightful accountability for getting results with any and every mix of workers. This is the challenge of diversity management: understanding individual differences and similarities, and recognizing the pivotal role managers play in their effectiveness. It is simply a fact of life. The projections suggest that whites who are not Hispanic will see their share of the population drop from 69% in 2000 to 50% in 2050.

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H Environment: The only context invariant and time invariant attributes of a successful corporation are an open environment; Meritocracy and fairness and justice, speed, Imagination, accountability and excellence in the execution is a current environment. Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, Jack Welch. lets start with the facts. Among the figures reported by the department of tabor are these facts: The workplace is changing at an extremely rapid pace. Business runs on a fuel called people. If an employee is not connected and committed to the workplace, he or she may quit and leave—or even worse, quit and stay. Finally, I will describe the problem raised by these changes and propose an unconventional solution. Rodgers, CDC, MBA, President and Principal Consultant J.O. Increasing diversity, growing

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complexity, and heightened competition for talent is not going away.